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Artist Statement

I have been inspired for the last 32 years by the sheer beauty and variety of this Island called Great Britain. It’s wonders of nature, the seasons, landscapes, the variety of light available, it’s magnificent coastal environments, all of which I delight in exploring with my camera and sketch book. The aim of my work is to reveal my view of what makes Britain.

The current direction of my art conveys a captured unique moment in time. An ethereal view of the world that is hidden from our eyes, a mystery, an unseen other world. I achieve this effect by using film or digital photography as well as long exposure times and infrared film.

With my art techniques I am able to reveal to the viewer my ethereal interpretation of other worldliness. I love to create unique one off contemporary pieces. I am also fascinated by the fact that each captured moment in time can never be repeated.

When people see my work, particularly my on going “ British Pier Series” my aim is for them to be transported back, maybe to their childhood, happy memories of family days out etc.

Depending on the subject, I may choose to use a mixed media approach by hand colouring my black and white photography. This technique enables me to put my own selective interpretation on the original scene. My subjects are intentionally timeless, therefore enabling a possible memory trigger for the viewer.

I initially became interested in hand painting because I wanted to be able to step out of the photography box as and when I needed to. I wanted a fresh challenge to my photography creativity, and to be able to create an original one off piece of artwork. Hand colouring is like “the icing on the cake” for the chosen photograph.

I begin my artwork by lots of Internet researching, then exploring on the ground various potential locations, making sketch’s how I envisage the end piece. I also use my photography as inspiration, and for my reference ideas when creating and designing my limited edition Drypoints and Linocut prints which are often based on my life experiences.

I choose to work with film when ever possible, using a 1952 Leica M3 or digital Canon EOS 5D MK II. My tools and materials are very important to me, as I want the best, and to maintain the highest standards throughout the various stages of my work. So after much researching I was happy to finally discover St Cuthbert’s archival watercolour paper and the Derwent water colour pencil range they are in my opinion the best archival materials for my artwork.

Some backgound information: Hand-coloured photographs were popular from the mid-19th century (and were particularly valued in Japan) until the mid-20th century, when American Kodak introduced Kodachrome colour film. (For more about this, go to History & Techniques)

I am now working full time as a photographic artist from my studio in Oxfordshire, creating wonderful, fresh, hand coloured pictures you can see in the Gallery section of this website. My work is on sale in various art galleries, and from this site,  I  have also undertaken a number of private commissions.

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