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Materials and Equipment

It is very important to Janine to source the very best British archival materials for her work, where possible. She explains, “I'd rather my money go to British companies. I want to know that real people - master crafts men and women - have worked on and handled my raw materials with care and attention to detail, rather than a robot or a machine. I'm British, my work is British and so are my materials!”

Derwent Pencils

“Derwent Pencils allow for a wonderful translucency and delicate colour choices they offer truly complement my work. I have experimented with various ways of applying the pencils to my photographs and have discovered the most precise and controlled way of apply exactly the correct amount of colour is by adding water to my brush and then applying the water colour by brushing my brush against the pencil and then onto the water colour paper. This method allows either a natural subtlety or a more vibrant finish if that is the effect I am looking for.”

St Cuthbert’s

Janine only uses high quality, thick deckle-edged watercolour paper made by St Cuthberts, which has been producing fine paper since 1907. She was amazed and delighted when she discovered them! She says, “I had no idea that paper of this quality was made in the UK. I assumed all photographic papers were made in Japan, the USA or Germany. So when I was trying to source British I was delighted to discover them. Not only do they do Fine Art Inkjet Archival printing paper but a wonderful High White achieved somehow without using OBAs (Optical brightening agents). This makes them archival which is of vital importance important for my work. I want my pictures to last!”

“The roughish texture and heavy weight allows me a wonderful firm base onto which to print my work, and then add my watercolour, allowing a true white without any odd colour tones. The true colours shine out. Their hand embossed, water marked, deckle edged paper, which hand sorted and finished, is visually very beautiful and perfect for float framing.”

“St Cuthberts Mill uses the River Axe water, has one of the last Cylinder mould machines in the world, which is now over a hundred years old. St Cuthberts is all about heritage and quality, with master craftsmen, a beautiful location and a unique product.”

Canon Cameras

Janine says, “My camera choice is key to my final fine art creation - without the image I have nothing. So my choice of camera body and lens is crucial. For the last six years I have been using Canon and have recently upgraded to a Canon EOS 5D MK II. The Canon lens are superb, with wonderful optics allowing me to create the super-wide views that are my trademark. I have used Canon for all my digital professional photography career because of their reputation for reliability, build and most importantly, superb image quality.”

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